Sculpt Your Epic Story: Write Your Masterpiece in 7 Simple Steps!

This 90-minute masterclass training is for you if:

  • You want to consistently write compelling narrative the world pays attention to but you don't know how!
  • You want to write a book or consistent blog posts for your newsletter but just can't find the time.
  • You have a lot of big ideas and you want a guided way to refine them and covert them to simple and persuasive stories.
  • You want to learn a smart way to confidently ship stories to find your voice and build your "true tribe" faster.
  • You are ready to engage readers and inspire action

This Masterclass Will Be Removed On Tuesday @ 11 PM EST


Nifemi Aluko
Author & Storyteller

Nifemi has 10+ years of creating and publishing stories consistently.

From his business blog to two best-selling books (fiction and nonfiction), he has learned the balancing act of incorporating writing into a modern lifestyle...

...turning it into a roadmap for publishing engaging stories that inspire actions and connects you to your tribe.

This webinar will teach you how to:

Become the writer you've always wanted to be

Learn the writing and publishing process, adopt the smart "side-writers" mindset, and use storytelling frameworks and tips to write consistently and build your writing muscle.

Create engaging stories (unique only to you)

Mine your mind for compelling stories that can only be created and narrated by you. Develop your unique writing style to bind each of your stories into one cohesive story -that's all you.

Build a "story-proof" manuscript

Go from manuscript to #1 New Release on amazon. OR manuscript to blog posts OR manuscript to business "storybrand".
Build the future you want with your voice and stores that bring meaning to you and your community.

Ready to boost your narrative game?